Listed Equity

Our geographical focus for the listed equity asset class is primarily the Sultanate of Oman and also a limited focus in other GCC markets. Our current holdings are diversified across the core sectors of the economy. Our capable team is well equipped to use their strong stock selection skills acquired through years of experience in the industry, in order to optimize returns for our shareholders.

Our investment portfolio is evaluated on a regular basis to ensure the stocks we hold continue to fit our investment strategy and assess if the key factors for investment have drifted away substantially to warrant reallocation.

The team also closely monitors the risk associated with each holding by analyzing threats to the particular company’s core business in the form of increased competition, regulatory changes, technological changes, shift in consumer preference, emergence of alternatives to the company’s offering etc. Upon identification of such threats, the team analyzes the company’s ability to adapt to these changes and maintain its competitive positioning in the industry and profitability. Any visible weakening of these fundamentals triggers the red flag for the holding.