Dr. Hamed Hashim Al Dhahab

Sheikh Saleh Ahmed
Mohamed Al Harthy
Director & Chairman of the Audit Committee

Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Fannah
Vice- Chairman, Chairman of the Investment, Nomination and Remuneration Committee &
Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Bader Mohammed Rashid Al Araimi
Director & Member of the Audit Committee


Mr. Ali Hilal Mohammed Al Rashdi
Director & Member of the Investment, Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Mr. Subrata Mitra
Director & Member of the Investment, Nomination and
 Remuneration Committee

The board has a unique role in representing the interests of shareholders . A'Sharqiya Invetment Company is governed by a board of Directors elected by its shareholders. The Board is responsible for setting the mission and laying the objectives of the company and for guiding it towards their fulfillment. The Board is assisted by certain Committees in its functioning. These Committees include the Audit Committee and Investment Committee.

These Committees have members from among the members of the Board. The Board and the Committees meet periodically to discuss and decide upon the matters within their framework and facilitates the management of the company.


A group of investors with a mission for the development of the Sharqiya region promoted a new company through which the benefits can be spread across a wide section of the society. It was agreed by the investors that this mission could be best achieved through a public limited company Accordingly, the investors decided to incorporate a public limited company for promoting new projects and for contributing to the development of the region.

A public limited company under the name of A’Sharqiya Investment Holding Co. SAOG was formed in 1998 with a paid-up capital of RO 6 million. Of this, the original investors (founders) contributed to 60% of the capital and the rest 40% was offered to the public. The public issue was oversubscribed about 25 times in 1998. The shares are listed and traded on the Muscat Securities Market.